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In November of 2006, a group of Amador County women gathered at [what was then] the Jug & Rose Café in Volcano, California for a presentation and live remote lecture on the subject of domestic violence. A lively discussion ensued, which eventually turned towards the question: “What are some of the other problems and/or issues that need to be addressed in Amador County?”

Ideas and opinions were vocalized; eventually paper and pens were distributed, and it was asked that each person in the group write down the top five issues they believed should be addressed in the county. After the papers were gathered up, each paper was read aloud.

Among the top issues: Communication, and the dissemination of information to the public. “I would go to these meetings if I knew when and where they were”…"I would participate more in my local government if I could have an agenda ahead of time”… "I wish I knew what kind of groups were out there that I could join or volunteer for…”

Carol Harper of Pioneer was in attendance at the meeting, and volunteered to head up an ad hoc media and communications committee. More members of the public were invited to contribute suggestions and ideas. From there, Carol webmastered an online “community bulletin board”-type web site, and on April 17, 2007, Amador Community News was born.

Loraine Davis of Sutter Creek was also present at the original meeting, and had formed a comprehensive community e-mail group. The two worked in concert in bringing information to the masses in Amador County. As information technology progressed, Amador Community News evolved into its present blog-style format and social networking platform you see today.

​What is Community Media?

After the genesis of Amador Community News, Carol Harper read the book, We, The Media by Dan Gilmor (San Jose Mercury News, Knight Citizen News Network), and studied and explored several sites and organizations on the subject of community media and citizen journalism.

The definition of community media:
Community media is any form of media that is created and controlled by a community, either a geographic community or a community of identity or interest. Community media is separate from commercial media, state run media, or public broadcasting.
Wikipedia, 31 October 2017

The principles of Community Media/Citizen Journalism:

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